Introducing 5 new dynamic ropes!

Sterling's R+D department has been hard at work and our field testers have been busy testing, reporting, verifying and proving that our new ropes meet the Sterling standard for durability and handling.

The Marathon ProTM, Evolution VelocityTM, Fusion PhotonTM and Canyon ropes are all getting new colors and will be available January 1st 2015.

The EvolutionTM Series is getting a major overhaul with the addition of the AeroTM and HelixTM. The Aero is lightest rope offered in the Evolution series; the Aero delivers a small diameter lightweight rope with a more substantial sheath for enhanced durability. The secret lies within our new core construction. It allows for greater sheath coverage at a low grams/ per meter weight. The Aero offers more elongation and a lower impact force than its new sibling, the Helix. This results in a softer catch.

Evolution Aero
Diameter: 9.2mm
Weight: 56 g/ m
UIAA Fall Rating: >7
Colors: Red, Blue, Teal, Tangerine, Blue BiColor

The Helix redefines what a 9.5 rope can be. As the new midrange entry in our Evolution Series, the Helix strikes the perfect balance between durability and light weight. Can a workhorse be light? Of course. Can a high-performance rope be durable? Ours can. The Helix boasts a new core construction that keeps the weight down, but lets us build a thicker sheath for toughness. The Helix actually has a thicker sheath than our flagship Evolution Velocity 9.8, but provides a softer hand.

Evolution Helix
Diameter: 9.5mm
Weight: 59 g/ m
UIAA Fall Rating: >7
Colors: Orchid, Green, Orange, Orchid Bicolor
MSRP: $212.95 (60M)

The FusionTM Series is also getting a boost with the overhaul of the Nano and Ion2 ropes. Start with our bestselling skinny rope. Now make it leaner and meaner. The Nano IX (Nine) is a redesign of our popular Fusion Nano 9.2. With a totally new core construction, the diameter shrinks to 9.0, the weight goes down, but the number of falls stays the same. Remarkable. Triple certified for single, half and twin rope use, the new Nano IX is destined to appeal to serious sport climbers and weight-conscious guides alike.

Diameter: 9.0mm
Weight: 52 g/ m
UIAA Fall Rating: >6
Colors: Purple, Neon Green, Blue, Orange, OD, Orange BiColor, Purple Bicolor

Reimagined. Redesigned. Reborn. Our new Ion R picks up right where the Ion2 left off. Same ideal diameter and color choices, but underneath, it's radically new. Our core construction improves all the specs, but retains the handling characteristics that won the original such a loyal following. The most substantial rope of the Fusion series, it remains a lightweight, high-performance entrant.

Diameter: 9.4mm
Weight: 57 g/ m
UIAA Fall Rating: >6
Colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Neon Green, Red BiColor, Blue Bicolor

Lastly, our Gym PhenomTM is designed for today's high-traffic gyms and built to endure. It's thick sheath offers zero sheath slippage for an extended in-service lifespan. New sheath construction will not fuzz out like some other gym ropes. The 10.3 diameter and firm handling are well suited for use in popular commercial belay devices. The Phenom's lower elongation makes it a great choice for top roping.

Diameter: 10.3mm
Weight: 67g/ m
UIAA Fall Rating: >11
Colors: Yellow, Blue


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