Sterling Rope & Chicks Rock are joining forces to bring you our NEW East Coast Girly Gatherings!

Sterling Rope & Chicks Rock are joining forces to bring you our NEW East Coast Girly Gatherings. These short-format clinics takes place over a weekend so you can squeeze some rock climbing into your busy schedule! Show up Friday in time for pizza, demo gear, registration and introductions. Be ready for a full day of climbing Saturday, followed by a group dinner and evening workshop/discussion. You’ll climb again on Sunday, and end a little earlier for our closing ceremony in time to head home and back to work on Monday.

Our Girly Gatherings give you the opportunity to enjoy a well-organized event, hanging out with our infamous Girly Guides, experiencing the camaraderie of like-minded women, and giving you an opportunity to network with other climbers. These weekend clinics will be more than you ever imagined because Chicks Climbing events give you the opportunity to challenge yourself and learn about more than just climbing.

* Price includes demo gear, Saturday & Sunday clinics, 4-to-1 ratio, two dinners, an evening workshop and discussions.

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