New Product: Arborist Fliplines

Over the years, Sterling Rope continues to manufacture rope for the arborist market with our popular HTP™ Static kernmantle SRT climbing lines such as the 3/8” HTP snakebite for Sherrill Tree. So it was a natural progression for us to develop superior flip-lines and positioning lanyards for the experienced arborist. As leaders in the development and production of high heat and abrasion resistant ropes for the fire service, we used this knowledge to create new positioning lanyards that are extremely durable (Tech11™) and cut resistant (TriTech™). We are offering a wide variety of termination and connector options on three rope choices so you can find the product that is perfect for your personal technique.

Sterling offers three different styles of flipline that meet different pricepoints and needs. The SafetyPro™ Flipline is 100% nylon which offers energy absorbsion and a tight sheath to withstand low friction while still being compatible with hitches  and rope grabs. The Tech11 is designed with a technora sheath and nylon core.  While more static than the SafetyPro, the Tech11 does offer som energy absorbsion but is much more abrasion resistant when compared in similar situations.  The TriTech Flipline is the pinnacle line and is engineered with a nylon core that is wrapped with a Dyneema inner-jacket and then covered with a Technora sheath.  This Flipline offers the highest cut resistance of any flipline without a wire-core. 

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