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OEM Overview

Sheath Design

Sterling Rope offers a wide assortment of rope and cord to help you meet your needs.  But if you find that the color options you are looking for aren't available as a stock item we would be happy to work with you and design a sheath to match your company image.    

Products (click here to download the accessory cord PDF)

What makes our cords better?

Typical accessory cord has little or no twist in both the sheath and core yarns which makes for a stiff, poor handling, less durable cord. Our process called Better Braid Technology™ produces a cord which has higher twist in both the sheath and the core. This produces a cord which exposes less yarn to abrasion, has better knotability, is easy to work with, and is long-lasting.

Sterling is also the only company with DryCore™ in its core yarns, which means that every yarn resists moisture. By remaining dry, the cords will remain light, stretch less, maintain their strength, and reduce the possibility of mildew and bacteria. This makes the cord ideal for boating, pet leashes and collars, halters, clothing and novelty uses.


Sterling Rope has been awarded the highest customer service rating in the outdoor industry. We do this through our No-Hassle Policy, our on-time deliveries, and by insuring that each product meets your needs. We value each customer and provide the same amount and quality of service and attention to detail, regardless of the size of the company or order. Whether you are a small company starting out or a large multifaceted company, you can expect to receive the best service in the industry.

Sterling Rope prides itself on getting orders delivered on time. We realize that our cord is part of the bigger picture and strive to meet your delivery needs so as to meet your production and delivery deadlines. We have the capacity to handle large and special orders quickly. We can work with your designers, product and production managers, and contractors, both domestically and offshore. Our OEM sales consultant will answer all your questions and help you pick the right mix of colors and style cord to meet your design and product needs. We can provide color samples of existing patterns to aid in your decision process.


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