Additional Information
2mm MBS (kN)
225 (1.0kN)
3mm MBS (kN)
472 (2.1kN)
4mm MBS (kN)
1,034 (4.6kN)
5mm MBS (kN)
1,169 (5.2kN)
6mm MBS (kN)
1,978 (8.8kN)
7mm MBS (kN)
2,788 (12.4kN)

Packaged Accessory Cord

Item is available.
Diameter and Length

Sterling Rope accessory cords are manufactured using the same high quality yarns and methods that we use in the production of our static and dynamic ropes, resulting in higher strength and longer lasting products. Our smaller diameter accessory cords 2mm to 5mm are great for tie-downs, tent guidelines, trail marking and lanyards. Our larger diameter 6mm and 7mm cords are great for autoblocks, klemheists, prusiks and anchor building.

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