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Mercury Bag

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The Mercury bag is a compact, lumbar-style bag and designed to fit around belt or harness. The large pouch easily stores 50-feet of FireTech 32, EscapeTech, Rit 500, SafeTech or PER and your F4 escape device. The outside of the pouch has a pocket designed to fit the Crosby FF hook and a tab to secure your carabiner out of the way until it's needed. The system is completely covered and secured by a tear-away cover flap that has an extended reflective handle so it is easy to reach while wearing your turnout gear.

    Putting the system behind the firefighter removes bulk from the side, and reduces overall profile.

    The Mercury bag allows firefighters to utilize their bunker pocket for equipment and tools, rather than system storage.

    The weight of the F4 system is evenly distributed across the firefighter's body

    Manufactured with durable materials, designed for firefighters.

    Adjustable mounting system allows for different setups depending on size of user, to minimize interference with SCBA and turnout gear.

    Compatible with most harnesses on the market.

    Made in the USA

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