Sterling's athlete program was started over sixteen years ago to test our products and get R&D feedback. Back then it was called the "Product Development, Product Test" team. Over the years more visible, well known climbers started to choose Sterling and the "PDPT" became our Ambassador Team.  We called them ambassadors because we wanted our athletes to not only be positive representatives for Sterling, but the sport of climbing as well.

Today our Athlete Team is made up of some of the best and most interesting climbers from around the globe!

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Team Members

Albert Leichtfried

Albert Leichtfried - Meteorologist - Mountain Guide - Professional climber I am a person who tries to spend most of his time outdoors. The element water in all its manifestations has been influencing my everyday life since I was a child - as an active...

Angela Hawse

Angela has been climbing for 25 years and is one of the most experienced woman alpine guides in the United States. She and Caroline George became the 6th and 7th women in the U.S. to achieve IFMGA Mountain Guide certification!

Brittany Griffith

Brittany Griffith is obsessed with her garden. If you can't find her at the crags or roaming in her sprinter van, then Griffith is at home in Salt Lake City, puttering about in her garden with a tumbler of gin and tonic.

Chris Sharma

Chris needs little, if any, introduction. The most exciting, yet understated climber in the world. Chris leads the climbing world having sent the most difficult routes out there.

Daila Ojeda Sanchez

it was very motivating to see strong girls climbing... that really inspired me... I wanted to do that!! :-)

Dodo Kopold

12 years ago in cold winter I was in High Tatras mountain. I climbed my first ice, then my first winter route, I lived my first winter bivy and after I decided that this is what I like :-)

Enzo Oddo

Je commence escalade en 2005 : en janvier mon premier7a, en avril mon premier 7c et en octobre mon premier 8a : jai 9 ans et je dcide darrter la danse et le kayak pour me consacrer lescalade.

Freddie Wilkinson

Freddie Wilkinson is a New England-based professional climber, mountain guide, and outdoor writer

Jean-Pierre Ouellet aka JP aka PeeWee

Although, I•À_ve touched and enjoyed every aspects of climbing (Rock, Ice, Alpine), I consider myself a rock climber. There•À_s this feeling with the rock I can•À_t find in any other type of climbing. Crack Climbing is my favorite and the rest is only...

Joe Kinder

Joe Kinder•À_s first climb was in Estes Park on a family vacation when he was 13, but it wasn•À_t until two years later, while living in New Hampshire, that Joe became fully overtaken by climbing.

Leslie Timms

A Bunch of friends in college took me out to a boulder in the woods with a few problems on it. It all started on the warm up V1 in which I tried like 20 times until my fingers bled and I sent. I caught the climbing bug and I bought shoes and a chalk...

Mayan Smith-Gobat

Mayan climbed competitively for a few years, but her true passion is for climbing on rock, where she seeks out the most challenging and inspiring lines. Always striving to climb at the very limit of her capacity, and to show the world that anything is...

Muriel Sarkany

Since I was a little girl, I want to practice a sport at the high level, to surpass myself. After trying sports like karate and gymnastic, I began climbing at 16 years old and directly I loved it, I pass from 5a to 7a in one year.

Nicolas Favresse

I am doing what I love and committed everything to be able to live fully my passion for rock-climbing. Whether it's a one move boulder problem or a big wall in alpine environment it's the same. It's rock and I love it all.

Sílvia Vidal

SÌ_lvia discovered climbing when she was 24-years old, and from that moment onward life was full of surprises.

Sonnie Trotter

Sonnie Trotter has been pushing the limits of free climbing for 15 years, although he•À_s spent most of that time on the road and in other countries, he is currently living in Squamish BC, where he climbs and guides professionally and eats local organic...

Will Gadd

It's a great time to be a mountain athlete! Nobody ever died wishing they had spent more time behind a desk.

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