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Over the next 6 months, Sterling is celebrating 25 years
with a Treasure Hunt at 25 crags across the country.

We will be giving away 25 Sterling Ropes and a TON of swag.


Every Friday (with a couple exceptions) a new Treasure Hunt will launch. In partnership with Access Fund and the American Alpine Club, a wooden marker will be placed in a non-obvious location anywhere from the trailhead to the top of a climb at a crag. A clue will be released that Friday and the game is on! The first person to post a selfie with the marker, while tagging #Sterling25, @sterlingrope, @accessfund and @americanalpine, will win a FREE STERLING ROPE. The next 25 people to post will win Sterling swag. The locations range from Alaska to Arizona, Washington to West Virginia, and Michigan to Maine.


Follow us on INSTAGRAM for Weekly Clues!


How To Win: 

1)Take a selfie with the Sterling Marker

2)Post on Instagram with #Sterling25 (Make sure your account is public)

3)Tag @SterlingRope, @AccessFund & @AmericanAlpine


Check back here for weekly winners!


Shelf Road CC Winner

Craggin' Classic Winner: @kciarlet

Location: Craggin' Classic Event, Shelf Road, CO: The Bank, Stair Master
Rope of Choice: @kciarlet chose a ...

Australia #2 Winner

Winner #19: @25mmoflife

Location: Victoria, Australia: Mount Arapiles, Kachoong
Rope of Choice: @25mmoflife chose a ...

Devil's Lake CC Winner

Craggin' Classic Winner: @dan.pfaff

Location: Craggin' Classic Event, Devil's Lake, WI: West Bluff 05, Prospect Point Pinnacle
Rope of Choice: @dan.pfaff chose a ...

Rocktoberfest Winner

Winner #18: @ebryant17

Location: Red River Gorge, KY: Chocolate Factory, Snozzberries
Rope of Choice: @aebryant17 chose a ...

Rumney CC Winner

Craggin' Classic Winner: @finnmadpat

Location: Craggin' Classic Event, Rumney, NH: Darth Vader, The Prawn
Rope of Choice: @finnmadpat chose a ...

NY Winner

Winner #17: @kev_fff

Location: Caroga Lake, NY: Nine Corners Lake Boulders, Throne
Rope of Choice: @kev_fff chose an 80 m Blue 10.1 mm Marathon Pro Dry. Kevin learned to climb in the Red River Gorge and Adirondacks, and loves the community that makes climbing such a great experience. He had finally decided that he was ready to buy his first rope. He really did his research and when he won the NY Treasure Hunt, he knew exactly what he wanted. A fan of tall sport climbs, he knew he wanted a long rope to rappel on, and he wanted something that would hold up in all kinds of weather and terrain. The Marathon Pro with its burly sheath and dry treatment was the clear winner. Congrats!!

Muir, KY Winner

Winner #16: @deckymgoo

Location: Red River Gorge, KY: Muir Valley, Practice Wall
Rope of Choice: @deckymgoo chose a ...

NRG CC Winner

Craggin' Classic Winner: @eddierussell18

Location: Craggin' Classic Event, New River Gorge, WV: Fern Buttress, Two Bag Face
Rope of Choice: @eddierussell18 chose a ...

Dogwood Winner

Winner #15: @tpitts25

Location: Dayton, TN: Dogwood Boulders, Michelin Man
Rope of Choice: @tpitts25 chose a 70 m Yellow 9.5 mm Helix DryXP rope. An outdoor climber, who had some great climbing mentors help get him where he is today, Tim has been a fan of Sterling ropes and prefers them for their great handling. His current favorite is our 9.8 mm Velocity, but he wanted to try something new. He really liked the idea of a skinnier rope, that was still extremely durable with a great catch. The Helix will hopefully become Tim's new favorite rope. Congrats!

Smith Rock CC Winner

Craggin' Classic Winner: @leoclimbs

Location: Craggin' Classic Event, Smith Rock, OR
Rope of Choice: @leoclimbs chose a ...

Alberta Winner

Winner #14: @canvas.by.hughes

Location: Alberta, Canada: Yamnuska Rock Climbs, Grillmair's Chimneys
Rope of Choice: @canvas.by.hughes chose a ...

Unaweep Winner

Winner #13: @katibirdart

Location: Unaweep Canyon, CO: Access Fund Trailhead, Sweet Sunday Serenade
Rope of Choice: @katibirdart chose a 70 m Blue 9.4 mm Ion R BiColor DryXP rope. Katie loves seeking out new places as much as she can! This summer she went to Yosemite, Wind River Range and Devil's Tower. The climbing was stellar and the views melted her heart. She likes a little adventure in her climbs. 70 m ropes tend to fit most of Katie's climbs and a dry-treated rope was a must for the conditions she likes to climb in. She is also a big fan of bicolor ropes for large pitches or rappeling, so she can easily assess where the middle is. A beautiful blue color really rounded out her pick with the Ion R. Congrats!

Australia Winner

Winner #12: @kedul_s

Location: Nowra, NSW, Australia: Thompson's Point, Vanderholics
Rope of Choice: @kedul_s chose an 80 m Green 9.2 mm Aero rope. Ludek started climbing over 17 years ago in his native Czechia. Now his favorite spot to climb is in the Blue Mountains of NSW. The mountains offer some pretty long climbs and an 80 m rope can get heavy after a while. At 56 grams/meter the 9.2 Aero will keep Ludek's pack light while still offering him the durablity he wants to keep himself safe. Here's to light packs and happy sends. Congrats!

Michigan Winner

Winner #11: @molly_templin

Location: Marquette, MI: The AAA Walls, Politely Insistent
Rope of Choice: @molly_templin chose a 70 m Yellow 9.5 mm Helix DryXP rope. This is Molly's first rope, and she was looking for a rope long enough for those bigger routes and multi-pitches, that was also light enough to accommodate longer approaches. The 9.5 Helix has a thick sheath in relation to its overall diameter that helps defend against abrasion without having to add the weight and bulk of a thicker rope. The Helix is the perfect choice for Molly's next adventure. Congrats!

BC Winner

Winner #10: @ev.elyn5317

Location: Skaha, British Columbia: Fern Gully, Granola Bar
Rope of Choice: @ev.elyn5317 chose a 70 m Blue 9.2 mm Aero DryXP rope. Evelyn is no stranger to rock climbing, as her adventures over the past thirty years have taken her climbing in Europe, Canada and the Western US. She and her husband have recently added ice climbing and dry tooling to the types of climbing they are passionate about. Already the proud owner of a 9.4 mm Ion R, she was looking to a slightly smaller diameter rope to her gear bag, the Aero DryXP will be the perfect addition for all the ice climbing they soon be doing. Congrats!

Quebec Winner

Winner #9: @sabrina.albert.927

Location: Lanaudière, Québec: Rivière Ouareau Climbing
Rope of Choice: @sabrina.albert.927 chose a 70 m Orange 9.0 mm Nano IX DryXP rope. Sabrina was looking to add a light and durable single or double rope for the long rappels that she likes. The Nano is triple-certified as a single, half and twin, making it the perfect versatile choice. So whether she is climbing in Canada, New York or New Hampshire, her pack can deliver. Congrats!

Ohio Winner

Winner #8: @e12allen

Location: Mad River Gorge, OH: Amusement Wall, Knope We Can
Rope of Choice: @e12allen chose a 70 m Red 9.4 mm Ion R DryXP rope. Eric was looking to add a longer rope to his pack, since he considers Red River Gorge a second home, and his 60 m ropes aren't always long enough. The mid-weight Ion R has a firm feel that helps with clipping and the DryXP means it will be great for the ice climbing he is thinking about getting into. Since this is his first Sterling Rope, we can't wait to hear his feedback. Congrats!

Denver Winner

Winner #7: @mtn_life

Location: Denver, CO: Outdoor Retailer, Summer Market
Rope of Choice: @mtn_life chose a 92 m Blue 8.5 mm CanyonPrime rope. Brian was mostly Sport Climbing and Bouldering, and then he fell in love with Canyoneering. It has quickly taken over as his favorite sport and he is happiest when getting lost in the wilderness. The 92 meter CanyonPrime is the perfect length, since he has been scouting some longer routes. Congrats and happy canyoning Brian!

Index Winner

Winner #6: @_rockinsaul_

Location: Index, WA: Foodbar Wall, Yellow Cake
Rope of Choice: @_rockinsaul_ chose a 70 m Orchid 9.5 mm Helix BiColor DryXP rope. Natalie started out sport climbing, and now does more trad and alpine climbing. She loves climbing at Index and wanted a rope that would last. She knew she wanted a 70m dry rope that was not too thick, but that she would still feel comfortable trad climbing on in situations where routes are a little wandery. The Helix was the perfect fit. Congrats!!

Ontario Winner

Winner #5: @5alzavla

Location: Old Baldy, Ontario: Labour Pains Ledge, Laplacian Ballroom
Rope of Choice: @5alzavla chose a 70 m Red 9.4 mm Ion R DryXP rope. Sal was out on his green Sterling Ion R when he won the Treasure Hunt. He really liked how it performed and wanted another one. He didn't have a need for a super-skinny performance rope, but wanted something on the lighter side. Another Ion R was perfect, and the BiColor and DryXP features were icing on the cake. Congrats!!

Clifton Crags Winner

Winner #4: @rosesschneider

Location: Clifton Crags, ME: Eagle Buff, Highlander
Rope of Choice: @rosesschneider chose an 80 m Green 9.8 mm Velocity rope. When Rose and her husband started climbing at Hangdog Indoor Rock Climbing in New Zealand, and once they got outside, they never looked back. Their favorite Sport-climbing spot in NZ is Froggatt Edge, and when they came to the States on vacation they quickly got into Trad. They chose the 9.8 Velocity to round out the existing (primarily Sport) gear they had, looking for good handling and of course, an awesome color. Congrats!!

Cathedral Ledge Winner

Winner #3: @robertasi

Location: Cathedral Ledge, NH: Barber Wall, Book of Solemnity
Rope of Choice: @robertasi chose a 70 m Green 9.4 mm Ion R DryXP rope. Ron was looking for a medium-diameter single rope to use on long ice pitches. He wanted something that would perform well in snowy, wet environments, and be long enough so he can take full advantage of the 70 m tagline he brings for long rappels. The dry-treated 9.4 Ion R fit all of his criteria. Congrats!!

Donner Summit Winner

Winner #2: @alyssa_krag

Location: Donner Summit, CA: Black Wall, Labyrinth
Rope of Choice: @alyssa_krag chose an 80 m Orange 9.0 mm Nano IX DryXP rope. She ice climbs in Cali and always has a long hike in, so the lightweight and packable Nano IX is the perfect choice. Congrats!!

Valdez Winner

Winner #1: @switch_back2ez

Location: Valdez, AK: Campground Crag, Wet Finish
Rope of Choice: @switch_back2ez chose a 70 m Purple 9.8 mm Velocity DryXP. It's his first rope, so the Velocity is the perfect all-rounder for him and his wife. They plan on putting it to good use in Alaska, as well as New York. Congrats!!


Terms and Conditions:

Each week a Sterling Marker will be placed in an undisclosed location. The first clue will be released on Instagram on a Friday. To enter for a chance to win, post a selfie with a Sterling Marker to Instagram with the hashtag #Sterling25 and tagging @sterlingrope, @accessfund and @americanalpine. The first person to post using the above parameters after the first clue has been released wins a Sterling Rope (with a value up to $300 MSRP). The next 25 posts will win Sterling merchandise to be determined by Sterling. Winners will be chosen based on order of posts appearing on Instagram. In case of discrepancy, Sterling has sole discretion for prize distribution. (Weekly contests not associated with an existing event will start* at 12 AM Friday and end at 12 AM the following Friday. Contests incorporated into existing events will run on the same days as the event, with 12 AM start* and finish times. These locations will be publicized.) *6/27/18 - Change to start and end times. Due to weather, dictating when a marker can be placed, the treasure hunt will start once the marker is in place. We will post a clue within 24 hours of placement. As long as a marker is up, the contest is on.

Must have a public Instagram account to play. You can make your account public for the week of the contest you are posting the selfie for. Sterling Rope needs to be able to see the entry in order to count it as a win.

Contest will run from 12 AM June 8, 2018 to 12 AM November 23, 2018. Must be 18 years or older to win. Sterling Rope Employees, Sponsored Athletes, Access Fund and AAC Volunteers and Employees are not eligible to win. Don't need to be present to win. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. 1 entry per person, per week. Winners will be contacted via messenger on Instagram. Prizes will be shipped to valid North American addresses only.

All entries become the property of Sterling. Sterling reserves the right to use any and all information related to the contest, including email submissions provided by the contestants, for editorial, marketing and any other purpose, unless prohibited by law.

Sterling is not responsible for late, lost or misdirected email or for any computer, online, telephone or technical malfunctions that may occur.  If for any reason, the contest is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical failures of any sort, Sterling may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the contest. Climbing is a potentially hazardous activity and cannot be made safe. Contest participants and volunteers assume all risks and accept full and complete responsibility for any and all damages or injuries of any kind related to this treasure hunt.

All contest participants agree to be bound by these Official Rules. Sterling in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person it finds to be tampering with the entry process, the operation of its web site or is otherwise in violation of these rules.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook.

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