For tricky emergency two or three-point ascending, an adjustable connection point or self-belay, our sewn 6 mm Purcell’s strength, durability and adjustability shine. Color-coded lengths provide easy identification.

    Available Lengths: 20" (blue), 42" (green), and 68" (green)

    MBS Rating (lb) MBS Rating (kN)
    2,810 12.5
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6mm Purcell- short
SC060NYCP020 6mmChestPurcell Store
8mm AZprusik Long Blue Thumb
Longpurcell Store

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6mm Short Purcell 42

6mm Short Purcell 42" Loop

Model: SC060NYSP042


6mm Chest Purcell 20

6mm Chest Purcell 20" Loop

Model: SC060NYCP020


6mm Long Purcell 68

6mm Long Purcell 68" Loop

Model: SC060NYLP068


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