Andy Cutler

Originally from Richmond, VA, I spent my college days mesmerized by the wild yet wonderful sandstone of the New River Gorge. Coming fresh out of the commercial gym environment, I trended towards the steepest and thuggiest lines I could get my hands on. Before long, I had developed strengths disproportionately favoring gymnastic, core-intensive movement on steep terrain. To this day, this “Bruce Lee meets climbing” style is synonymous with my name. With the help of a formal education in exercise science, my initial “biceps before brains” approach is ever evolving into calculation and structure. My identity as a climber is deeply routed in my background as an athlete and, I attribute my successes to training, hard work, and conscious preparation. Now, with over tens years under my belt, I almost expected to follow my peers into burnout and plateau. Instead, I feel like I’m just getting started. Like most climbers who move to the southeast, my pilgrimage to Chattanooga revolved almost exclusively around my desire to grow as a climber. Along the way however, I’ve met an incredible community and to my surprise, the girl of my dreams (one who would ultimately choose a honeymoon in Ceuse over Cancun). I currently work as a routesetter and personal trainer in pursuit of a career in physical therapy.