Rope Recycling Initiative

Retired Climbing Ropes Wanted!
Sterling Rope is as dedicated to protecting natural resources and wilderness areas as we are to manufacturing the best quality life-safety rope in the world.  In 2005 we started our Rope Recycling Initiative and the program has continued to grow and evolve.  For years Sterling Rope recycled the nylon waste fiber left over from our efficient manufacturing processes, now we can take used dynamic climbing ropes and recycle those as well!

We invite you to take part in our Rope Recycling Program.  Rather than having an old, retired rope sit in the back of your closet or worse, sit in a landfill, you can now send it to Sterling Rope and we will have it recycled it for you!  Simply send us your retired dynamic climbing ropes from any manufacturer and we will take it from there!  We will first try to work with partners to up-cycle the rope into dog leashes, rope rugs, or hammocks. However, countless miles of rope are produced every year between all of the various brands so simply reusing it may not be enough to reduce its impact on our environment. The ropes that can't be reused will be sent to an efficient recycling expert that grinds up, melts down, then re-pelletizes the nylon so it can be re-made into a variety of items like carpet fiber, telephones, coat hangers, and even children's toys!

Why should you recycle your rope?
There are lots of reasons, but we feel the top three are:

1) Keep the rope out of the landfill.
2) Keep climbers safe by retiring old possibly dangerous rope once and for all.
3) Reuse the petroleum-based nylon resource for something else.

Where do I send my rope?
Simply send your retired rope to the address below (the U.S. Postal Service is very affordable):

Sterling Rope Company, Inc.
C/O:  Rope Recycling Program
26 Morin Street
Biddeford, ME  04005-4413

Where else can I recycle my rope?
Whenever possible, Sterling Rope will make our rope recycling service available at major climbing events and festivals.  In an effort to minimize the amount of transportation that the retired ropes go through to get back to us, we feel these events are the perfect place to consolidate ropes as the climbers will already be traveling to the venue.  So, keep your eyes peeled at the next comp or festival!

Can Sterling Rope recycle static ropes and other climbing gear?
Unfortunately, we are only able to recycle dynamic rope at this time.  All dynamic rope is made of a specific type of recyclable Nylon and by only accepting dynamic ropes we can ensure that the whole batch we send to be recycled is made up of this one type of nylon.  If the batch is mixed with other materials such as polyester often found in static ropes or polypropylene common in waterline the entire shipment is rejected and landfilled, negating all of our efforts. Harnesses, webbing slings, and other climbing gear often have pads, buckles and stitching that is made using a verity of materials (including metal and plastic) we recommend contacting the original manufacturer for recycling options on those products.

What else can I do with my rope?
We encourage reusing rope on your own to make dog leashes, rugs, and tie-downs; however, please be sure that a retired rope is never used as a life-safety line. If you wish to send your old ropes directly to someplace closer to you that can up-cycle and re-use them, please refer to this list of recommend regional resources.

Maple Leash (North East, US) -

Mountain Dog (South West, US) - -

Krebs Recycle (North West, US) -  -

Rope Rugs (California, US) - - 

Ruggin (Central, US) - - ph.: (719) 963-3773

Bolder Path (Colorado, US) - -

Together we can make a difference!  Sterling Rope, the right rope for our planet.



 Please email if you have any other questions or comments.  

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