Sewn Webbing

We offer our high quality webbing in all manner of sewn products, each designed for a specific purpose and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Used for anchor building, rigging, securing hardware, or any other tasks.

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  • Lifting Slings

    Lifting Slings

    These small, lightweight slings are perfect for your light-duty riggin…

  • BARC 2.0

    BARC 2.0

    We designed the BARC with full-strength individual loops, which provid…

  • 1" Flat Nylon Sling

    1" Flat Nylon Sling

    Sewn from high strength woven nylon, these flat slings offer almost tw…

  • Rabbit Runner

    Rabbit Runner

    Sewn webbing with sewn eyes on each end for specialty rigging applicat…

  • ZipLink


    ZipLinks are 3/4" webbing tethers for adventure and challenge courses.

  • 10 mm Dyneema Sling

    10 mm Dyneema Sling

    Dyneema slings offer significant performance advantages over tradition…

  • 12 mm Dyneema Slings

    12 mm Dyneema Slings

    Made from synthetic Dyneema® material. Low stretch and available in mu…

  • Bolt Escape Belt

    Bolt Escape Belt

    Bolt is Sterling's lightweight, simple and easy-to-use fire escape bel…

  • 1" AnCORE Slings

    1" AnCORE Slings

    High-strength, 1" nylon slings with a dual layer construction to alert…

  • Anchor Strap

    Anchor Strap

    High strength nylon webbing 1.75" wide and steel closures facilitate f…

  • Chain Reactor

    Chain Reactor

    A nylon rigging chain made from 11/16" sewn webbing loops. For rigging…