Lanyards & Fliplines

Sterling lanyards and fliplines offer secure attachment or work positioning. With our experience in creating tough, long-lasting rope with great handling characteristics, combined with our extensive expertise in designing strong sewn eye terminations, we can now provide a wide range of lanyards and fliplines for your specific needs- whether you’re a rope access technician, a gym routesetter or professional arborist.

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  • TriTech Flipline

    TriTech Flipline

    The TriTech Flipline is made from nylon, Technora® and Dyneema® materi…

    $94.99 - $149.99
  • SafetyPro Lanyard

    SafetyPro Lanyard

    Static positioning lanyard available in four lengths with extremely st…

    $32.99 - $34.99
  • DRAC Lanyard

    DRAC Lanyard

    The DRAC Lanyard is a double-leg dynamic anchor with 2 connection poin…