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No need to compromise lightness for durability. From ultra-skinny, to everyday workhorse, our sport climbing ropes provide smooth clipping and a featherweight feel that gives you the freedom to climb unencumbered and the confidence to try hard.

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XEROS Climbing Rope Review from Rob Pizem

Sterling Athlete Rob Pizem has put more than 70,000 feet of climbing on his Sterling XEROS Ion R 9.4 mm and he’s still going strong.

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    Lifting Slings

    These small, lightweight slings are perfect for your light-duty riggin…

  • 1" Mil-Spec Webbing

    1" Mil-Spec Webbing

    Military issue, mil-spec 1 inch webbing for many applications. Availab…

  • HollowBlock2


    Our bestselling friction hitch and autoblock has been redesigned with …

  • 1" Flat Nylon Sling

    1" Flat Nylon Sling

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  • Falcon Carabiner

    Falcon Carabiner

    The Falcon is a compact, pear-shaped carabiner crafted from high stren…

  • Mega 11.2 mm

    Mega 11.2 mm

    Mega 11.2 mm dynamic single climbing rope. Available in multiple lengt…

  • 10 mm Dyneema Sling

    10 mm Dyneema Sling

    Dyneema slings offer significant performance advantages over tradition…

  • 12 mm Dyneema Slings

    12 mm Dyneema Slings

    Made from synthetic Dyneema® material. Low stretch and available in mu…

  • 8 mm Tag Line

    8 mm Tag Line

    The Sterling 8 mm Tag Lines are the largest diameter offered, but is s…

  • 7 mm Tag Line

    7 mm Tag Line

    The Sterling 7 mm Tagline offers a nylon sheath and core. This line fa…

  • T-10 10 mm XEROS Rope

    T-10 10 mm XEROS Rope

    A big rope for gnarly expeditions or top-rope laps. UIAA Dry certified…

    Now $220.99-to$419.99
  • 5.9 mm PowerCord

    5.9 mm PowerCord

    Some situations require high strength from a small diameter cord. We m…

  • 11/16" Sling

    11/16" Sling

    11/16" sewn sling made from nylon webbing, available in multiple lengt…