Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee our ropes to be free of defects and stand firmly behind the excellence of our products’ design, engineering and fabrication.

When used responsibly and properly, in normal and recommended conditions, Sterling products will endure, perform and wear up to world-class standards.

However, no rope lasts forever. Climbing and technical rope work may expose ropes to abrasion, fatigue, sunlight, constant loading and even chemicals. Severe falls, lack of protection over an edge, exposure to chemicals, excessive temperatures or improper use will shorten or end the lifespan of any rope. These scenarios stress the importance of checking and protecting your ropes and gear, as well as using them in the proper applications.

Sterling Warranty

Sterling offers a warranty against defects in material and construction, where we will replace any product suffering from a manufacturing defect- free of charge. This warranty does not cover damage caused by transportation, misuse, abuse or normal wear and tear as described above. Sterling reserves the right to inspect your product before replacing it or refunding your money.

To qualify for a warranty assessment, please contact our customer service team through our CONTACT US form or calling 1-800-788-ROPE.

We are committed to supporting you in your climbing or work endeavors by providing the highest possible quality product and customer service to ensure a positive experience when using Sterling product.