Canyon Ropes

Mystery potholes. Gritty slots. Lengthy rappels. High-volume waterfalls. Extended floats. These are but a few of the attractions and obstacles of canyoneering. Unique environmental challenges require specialty ropes dedicated to this pursuit. Our line of canyon ropes has been informed by extensive in-use testing with abrasion resistant materials like Technora®.

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  • CanyonLux


    A revolutionary canyoneering rope made from 4 distinct fiber types, an…

    $239.99 - $1,549.99
  • C-IV Canyon Rope

    C-IV Canyon Rope

    A 9 mm canyoneering rope for wet canyon conditions. Polypropylene and …

    $169.99 - $1,129.99
  • CanyonPrime


    The CanyonPrime is an 8.5mm value rope designed specifically for canyo…

    $94.99 - $599.99