From low elongation, semi-static ropes, perfect for top roping, to easy handling lead ropes, we’ve got you covered. The supple feel and smooth performance deliver consistency, allowing you to work your gym project and trust your equipment.

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Gear Review for the Sprint Lead Rope

Sterling Athlete and National Competitive Climber Abigail Humber talks about the benefits of having the Sprint lead rope as her go-to training rope.

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  • ReVO 9.8 mm

    ReVO 9.8 mm

    The new ReVO is a low-elongation rope for top-rope use only. A slimmer…

  • Sprint 9.9 mm

    Sprint 9.9 mm

    The Sprint 9.9 mm is one of the best performing, most durable lead rop…

  • Slim Gym

    Slim Gym

    Slim Gym is a slim 10.1 mm gym rope perfect for highly technical indoo…

  • Big Gym 10.7 mm

    Big Gym 10.7 mm

    A 10.7 mm dynamic gym rope for lead climbing. Available in multiple co…

  • ReVO 10.1 mm

    ReVO 10.1 mm

    The ReVO rope is a low-elongation rope designed for high-volume use in…