Tech Series

A line of static ropes that incorporate Technora®, an aramid fiber that is highly resistant to heat and cutting. We were the first to use Technora for life safety applications like fire ropes. It’s a material that we’ve become experts at engineering into ropes and one that allows Sterling Tech ropes to go where other ropes simply can’t.

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  • Tech125


    Tech125 is an 12.5 mm Technora® and nylon rope for climbing, rigging a…

  • Tech11


    Tech11 is an 11 mm multi-purpose Technora® and nylon rope for arbor cl…

  • 11 mm Tech HTP

    11 mm Tech HTP

    An 11 mm low-elongation rope suited for the harshest conditions where …

  • FireTech2 Escape Rope

    FireTech2 Escape Rope

    The most advanced fire escape rope is 100% Technora® and originally de…

  • H3 Tech125

    H3 Tech125

    H3 Tech125 is an 12 mm, 100% Technora® rope for high heat and abrasion…

  • H3 Tech11

    H3 Tech11

    H3 Tech11 is an 11mm, 100% Technora® rope for high heat and abrasion. …