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  • 8 mm Tag Line

    8 mm Tag Line

    The Sterling 8 mm Tag Lines are the largest diameter offered, but is s…

  • 7 mm Tag Line

    7 mm Tag Line

    The Sterling 7 mm Tagline offers a nylon sheath and core. This line fa…

  • 3/8" HTP Static Rope

    3/8" HTP Static Rope

    3/8" polyester static rope for arbor climbing rope access and lifting.…

  • 1/2" WorkPro

    1/2" WorkPro

    WorkPro is an 12.5 mm nylon and polyester static rope that is fully-ce…

  • Bolt Escape Belt

    Bolt Escape Belt

    Bolt is Sterling's lightweight, simple and easy-to-use fire escape bel…

  • 9 mm HTP Static Rope

    9 mm HTP Static Rope

    A small diameter, lightweight and versatile static rope with super low…

  • 3/8" WorkPro

    3/8" WorkPro

    This rope is dual-certified to EN 1891 Type A and NFPA 2500 (1983), co…

  • 5/8" HTP Static Rope

    5/8" HTP Static Rope

    5/8" polyester static rope for arbor rigging, rope access and lifting.…

  • Evacuation Kit

    Evacuation Kit

    The FCX Bucket Evac Kit is a compact, emergency egress system benefici…

  • 1" AnCORE Slings

    1" AnCORE Slings

    High-strength, 1" nylon slings with a dual layer construction to alert…

  • 11 mm Tech HTP

    11 mm Tech HTP

    An 11 mm low-elongation rope suited for the harshest conditions where …

  • T-10 10 mm XEROS Rope

    T-10 10 mm XEROS Rope

    A big rope for gnarly expeditions or top-rope laps. UIAA Dry certified…

    Now $220.99-to$419.99
  • Eagle Carabiner

    Eagle Carabiner

    The Eagle is a large pear-shaped carabiner made with high-quality alum…

  • FireTech2 Escape Rope

    FireTech2 Escape Rope

    The most advanced fire escape rope is 100% Technora® and originally de…

  • 5.9 mm PowerCord

    5.9 mm PowerCord

    Some situations require high strength from a small diameter cord. We m…

  • C-IV Canyon Rope

    C-IV Canyon Rope

    A 9 mm canyoneering rope for wet canyon conditions. Polypropylene and …

  • Screwlink


    Made from high quality plated steel with a highly secure screw closure…

  • 11/16" Sling

    11/16" Sling

    11/16" sewn sling made from nylon webbing, available in multiple lengt…