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  • Slim Gym

    Slim Gym

    Slim Gym is a slim 10.1 mm gym rope perfect for highly technical indoo…

  • OpLux


    OpLux is an all-purpose tactical rope that features high-strength, cut…

  • Tech11


    Tech11 is an 11 mm multi-purpose Technora® and nylon rope for arbor cl…

  • Falcon Carabiner

    Falcon Carabiner

    The Falcon is a compact, pear-shaped carabiner crafted from high stren…

  • Mega 11.2 mm

    Mega 11.2 mm

    Mega 11.2 mm dynamic single climbing rope. Available in multiple lengt…

  • Rabbit Runner

    Rabbit Runner

    Sewn webbing with sewn eyes on each end for specialty rigging applicat…

  • 6.8 mm TVac

    6.8 mm TVac

    6.8 mm TVac cord with a Technora® sheath and nylon cord. Lightweight, …

  • ZipLink


    ZipLinks are 3/4" webbing tethers for adventure and challenge courses.

  • 5.4 mm V-TX Cord

    5.4 mm V-TX Cord

    V-TX is a small, lightweight and low-stretch cord made from Dyneema® a…

  • Osprey Carabiner

    Osprey Carabiner

    Osprey is an oval-shaped carabiner made with a high-quality, durable a…

  • 10 mm Dyneema Sling

    10 mm Dyneema Sling

    Dyneema slings offer significant performance advantages over tradition…

  • RIT 900 Search Rope

    RIT 900 Search Rope

    A fire search rope made from Twaron® fibers that can withstand tempera…

  • 12 mm Dyneema Slings

    12 mm Dyneema Slings

    Made from synthetic Dyneema® material. Low stretch and available in mu…

  • 11 mm SYNC

    11 mm SYNC

    A high strength static rescue rope in a 11 mm lightweight package UL c…

  • 7 mm Sewn Prusik

    7 mm Sewn Prusik

    Prusik, or friction hitch cord made from 7 mm nylon cord. Made in the …