A Glimpse into Revac USA Trainings

Brett from Revac USA Jul 21st 2017
Revac OpLux Rappel
  • Photo credit: Hurricane Media

Revac USA is a training company specializing in Tactical Rope Access. We offer customized courses that are specific to each and every client based on their skills, the objective and equipment needed.

What techniques do you typically train?

Rope access can range from extractions, to rescue, urban climbing and mobility, rock climbing, mountain mobility, ice climbing, swift-water rescue, etc. We can even provide the opportunity for combo training- if there’s an additional element, like mountaineering, or snow, we can work with other trainers to provide a unique course and solution to meet their needs.

Revac OpLux Rappel training
  • Photo credit: Hurricane Media

Can you give a brief overview of your latest trip to the Pacific Southwest?

This course was a training in jungle mobility and canyon work. We were teaching special forces how to find a high point in the jungle, through a helo drop or by bushwhacking, and to rappell down a slot canyon for extraction. We used Sterling’s OpLux, which performed great. We had 2 sets of ropes for high-to-low mobility. It was highly-efficient to get large teams down-rope with limited equipment. Everyone primarily used their PPE, a Chain Reactor and an ATS.

Revac OpLux ATS Setup
  • Photo credit: Hurricane Mediaa

Can you give a description of the relationship you have with Sterling?

We started the relationship with Sterling in 2006. We met up at an OR show to talk about the training we do, and how it’s really specialized. Sterling was willing to work with us to create custom products and give us samples to test in our kits to find out what we need and what works best. Now when it comes to rope work, we only use Sterling rope and many of their components. Even though I’m sure we’re not Sterling’s largest customer, they always treated us like we were.

Revac OpLux Rappel Waterfall
  • Photo credit: Hurricane Media

What projects/training is coming up next?

We are on the road constantly. A big one I have coming up is a training in ice-climbing and glacier traversing. This isn’t a very common occurrence in military operations, but we’re seeing it grow in popularity. I’d love to work with Sterling to create some dry twin ropes in low-profile colors like grays, blues and whites for the training.

Revac Waterfall OpLux Rappel
  • Photo credit: Hurricane Media

What is your favorite Sterling gear and why?

We’ve used a lot of gear over the years, so this is a tough question. I’d have to say the piece of equipment that’s the most versatile, and something that we use in every environment is the Sterling Chain Reactor. We train in all sorts of scenarios but it works best as the safety lanyard. You definitely need to use the word versatile when describing the Chain Reactor.

To learn more about Revac USA or to schedule a training, visit http://www.revac-usa.com/