FCX Escape Systems: Q&A With Cast and Crew of the FCX Videos

Sterling Solid Apr 25th 2017
Q&A With Cast and Crew of the FCX Videos

We sat down with the talent and director of the award-winning FCX Fire Escape films for a look behind the curtain at what it was like to make these videos.

Sterling: Who was more of a diva on set- the EMT’s or the Firefighters?
Director: Firefighters. No contest.

Sterling: Was it because of their rugged good looks that you didn’t need hair and makeup on set?
Director: No. It's because they have no hair. (ps. There was hair and makeup there, but it was to make people look uglier. That's how I roll)

Sterling: So, did they act natural when the smoke machine was going off in their face?
Director: If dead-eye stare is a natural reaction to having fog-juice spat in your face, then yes.

Sterling: When you were shooting the FCX device- was it difficult to make the model look sexy?
Director: My $40 piece of diamond thread sheet metal did the bulk of the heavy lifting.

Sterling: Do you see producing a Sterling fire-escape calendar in the future?
Director: Talk to my agent about modeling opportunities, but I don't know that you guys can afford me.

Sterling: Now to talk about the talent on set- was it more difficult to work with the FireTech2 or the SafeTech?
Director: Ironically, SafeTech. Nylon core is super fattening.

Sterling: Were there any special accommodations that the firefighters requested to have in their trailers?
Director: Hose.

Next we sat down with Dan, the star firefighter on the set of the FCX videos.

Sterling: How has being a video star changed your life?
Dan: I keep expecting to be noticed when I walk into a pub or coffee shop but it hasn't really happened yet. Maybe things will change after the premier!

Sterling: How often do you get asked for your autograph?
Dan: So far today I haven't been asked yet however it is only 7:30 in the morning and I haven't left the house yet. Ha!

Sterling: Do you have plans to be in any more upcoming films?
Dan: I'm waiting to hear back from my agent for upcoming films.

Sterling: Who’s your agent?
Dan: My black lab Freddy books most of my talent appearances.

Sterling: Do other firefighters treat you differently now that you’re famous?
Dan: The firehouse can be a very sarcastic atmosphere and this has definitely giving the guys more fuel for the fire!

No firefighters or film crew members were harmed in the making of these videos.

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