Mike Libecki: Climbing "In the Now"

Mike Libecki Mar 20th 2018
  • Mike Libecki in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica on the first ascent of Bertha's Tower, named in honor of Libecki's Grandmother.
  • Photo by Cory Richards

For me climbing is the deepest mediation to be truly in the 'now.' Especially on a first ascent, in some of the most remote mountains in the world. And even more so when the climb is overhanging- and I am hanging in space- and my life is literally 100% in the trust of the rope I am ascending, to our high point to continue upward progress. One of most free and focused moments of my life. With some of my best friends. In subzero temps. In the moment of 'now.' Freedom to focus among the vertical magic, power and beauty of our planet is an honor and privilege.

Going on an expedition to unexplored Greenland is one of my favorite things of all time. I have been there on 12 major expeditions, both solo and with partners. It is a place in my heart, and a sacred part of our Mother Earth. Most of the locations are incredibly remote and home to the largest rock walls in the world. It is where I find freedom as a human. It is where I can focus on my breathing. It is where I am free to focus on reality and being alive. In this video, I had invited some of my best friends, Ethan Pringle, Keith Ladzinski, Andy Mann and Connor Seybert. The team work, discipline and focus were key on this expedition.

Here in the video, shot by Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann, assisted by Connor Seybert, it was team focus to capture Ethan and I climbing. What is key to note here, is that Ethan led some of the hardest onsight pitches, on a first ascent, up to 5.13. It was an honor to support Ethan on these world class moments, cheering and belaying on such masterful onsights.