Name Origins for Our Sterling Bag Series

Sterling Rope Jun 8th 2022

Ever wonder how we came up with the names for our Sterling bags? Here’s a little explanation for each:

Bartleby Gym Bag

The Bartleby 28L fits all the essentials in a streamlined carry, blending modern design with style and utility. Lightweight yet durable fabric makes it an indispensable pack for gym climbers who need to combine work and play.

The Bartleby is named after the classic trad route found on The South Wall at Acadia National Park, in Maine. For more info on the Bartleby route, check out this link on Mountain Project.

Wonderwall Crag Bag

The Wonderwall 33L is a top-loading, roll-top pack that gives trad and sport climbers access to a wide variety of packing options, making it one of the most versatile crag packs in the world.

The Wonderwall Crag Bag is named after the classic route at Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park, Maine. Check out more info on the Wonderwall route.

Pickle Bucket Climb Tote

This climber’s bucket bag is designed for the gym with bonus features to get you to the crag or to the farmer’s market.

During the development process, our VP of Product said this sturdy tote looks just like a pickle bucket and, sure enough, when it came time to name the bag, Pickle Bucket stuck.

Baby Dill Chalk Bag

A chalk bag built for function with attention to details. Zipper pocket to stash essentials, elastic brush holder, a wide, plush, fleece-lined main pocket and a secure cord-lock closure. In fact, the fleece is so soft, we’ve been told it’s like petting a bunny.

Released at the same time as our fan-favorite Pickle Bucket, we knew we wanted to stick with the pickle theme- so this chalk bag was lovingly dubbed the Baby Dill.