NOTICE TO INSPECT: 6-8mm Accessory Cord Spools

... Jan 20th 2021
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  • Ten Sleep RJ Griffis
  • @pabloaguilar-esplanada

It has been brought to our attention that it is possible that a small number of Sterling accessory cord spools, from a recent time period, may contain a splice using transparent heat shrink which is not done according to our procedures.

rope splice with transparent heat shrink
  • Splice with transparent heat shrink
spool text indicating number of splices
  • Splices should be indicated on the spool flange
Item # Item Name
4409xx 6mm, 7mm Accessory Cord
4410xx 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm Acc Cord
A060PC0x100 5.9mm PowerCord (all colors) 100M
A060PC0x200 5.9mm PowerCord (all colors) 200M
A080320x100 8mm Prusik/Acc. Cord (all colors) 100M
A080320x200 8mm Prusik/Acc. Cord (all colors) 200M
AN600x0100 6mm Accessory Cord (all colors) 100M
AN600x0200 6mm Accessory Cord (all colors) 200M
AN700x0100 7mm Accessory Cord (all colors) 100M
AN700x0200 7mm Accessory Cord (all colors) 200M
AN800x0100 8mm Accessory Cord (all colors) 100M
AN800x0200 8mm Accessory Cord (all colors) 200M
AN900x0100 9mm Accessory Cord (all colors) 100M
AN900x0200 9mm Accessory Cord (all colors) 200M
PER0800x0183 8mm PER (all colors) 183M
PER080RNR0183 8mm PER Neon Green 600' (183M)
PER0800x0092 8mm PER (all colors) 92M


(purchased 9/5/2019 - 12/22/2020)

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Lot label on packaging

As a result, if accessory cord is purchased off a spool at a retailer, you should always carefully inspect the cord as it is possible that it may contain a splice.

NOTE: a splice is not intended to hold any load, and the length of accessory cord with a splice should NEVER be used without removing the splice and separating the sections.

Accordingly, we are asking you to check any accessory cord you may have purchased, by running your hand along the length of the cord while looking and feeling for a splice. Inspect any spools by unspooling the cord into a clean container while looking and feeling for a splice, as shown in the photo on page 1 of this notice. If a splice is found, please remove the splice and separate the sections of accessory cord so that the cord is not inadvertently used as a single piece. Please rest assured that any accessory cord contained on a spool with a splice, otherwise meets all specifications and is safe to use so long as the splice is removed and not loaded in your application.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to return any accessory cord spool from the list above for a free replacement, please contact Sterling at 800.788.7673 or email customer service at