Technical Notice: Sterling 30 ft Web Wheels

Travis Shipman, Quality Control Manager May 3rd 2018
Climber Steve Fassbinder

It has been brought to our attention that it is possible that recently a very small number of the Sterling 30 ft. Web Wheels may contain a taped splice.

Specific part numbers are:
Item Description
WB254MS04009 1" Tubular Mil-Spec Web Wheel Black 30'
WB254MS06009 1" Tubular Mil-Spec Web Wheel Blue 30'
WB254MS08009 1" Tubular Mil-Spec Web Wheel Red 30'
WB254MS09009 1" Tubular Mil-Spec Web Wheel N Yel. 30'
WB254TT04009 1" TechTape Web Wheel Black 30'
WB254TT06009 1" TechTape Web Wheel Blue 30'
WB254TT08009 1" TechTape Web Wheel Red 30'
WB254TT09009 1" TechTape Web Wheel Neon Yel. 30'

Our larger spools of webbing often do contain taped splices allowing shorter sections of webbing to be spooled together on the same spool. As a result, if webbing is purchased off a spool at a retailer, you should always carefully inspect the webbing as it is possible that it may contain a taped splice.

NOTE: a taped splice is not intended to hold any load and the length of webbing with a tape splice should NEVER be used without removing the tape and separating the sections.

Our 30 ft. Web Wheels, however, should not contain any splices.

Accordingly, we are asking you to check any webbing you have that you may have purchased in the form of a Web Wheel. Inspect any unopened Web Wheel packages by rotating the webbing and looking for a tape splice as shown on the photo below. Inspect any previously-opened webbing carefully to see if there is a tape splice anywhere along the length of the webbing.   If a splice is found, please remove the tape and separate the sections of webbing so that the webbing is not inadvertently used as a single piece. Please rest assured that any webbing contained in a Web Wheel with a splice otherwise meets all specifications and is safe to use so long as the splice is removed and not loaded in your application.

  • In order to inspect the webbing, rotate the packaging around the entire Web Wheel to insure all webbing is carefully inspected. A tape splice will be visible as shown above.
Webbing with tape splice

If you have any questions, or if you would like to return any Web Wheel containing a taped splice for a free replacement, please contact Sterling at 800.788.7673 or email customer service at

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