6 mm XTec


    6.0 mm Cord

    Core/Sheath: Technora®/Technora

    6 mm XTEC is a high strength specialty cord that features a Technora sheath and core. Designed to endure high temperatures (up to 932° F) and offer maximum abrasion and cut resistance, the XTEC is the ultimate 6 mm cord.

    Available Lengths: 65', 165’, 330’ | 20, 50, 100 m

    MBS Rating (lb) MBS Rating (kN)
    4,721 21.0
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6mm XTec 20M w/ Sewn Eye

6mm XTec 20M w/ Sewn Eye

Model: F060PXT020SE


6mm XTec 50M

6mm XTec 50M

Model: F060PXT050


6mm XTec 100M

6mm XTec 100M

Model: F060PXT100


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