Hollow Block


    Able to grab onto rope efficiently when used as a prusik or Klemheist knot on ropes 7 mm or larger, our 6.8 mm HollowBlock’s gripping ability comes from its hollow braid cord construction composed of strong, durable aramid fibers. Available in 13.5" and 19" lengths.

    MBS Rating (lb) MBS Rating (kN)
    2,922 13.0
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Multiple Uses for Ice Climbing
"I use these for all sorts of things in my personal climbing, film rigging work, and guiding. They make a great backup for rappelling, work well with a pulley for crevasse rescue or industrial tension applications that need to be high strength and non-damaging to the load lines, just great tools for all sorts of situations. I had one on my harness when I climbed Niagara, as I always do, it’s a sort of ‘get out of jail’ card for a lot of situations. Plus they weigh nothing and last a really long time."

~ Will Gadd



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6.8mm HollowBlock 13.5

6.8mm HollowBlock 13.5" Loop

Model: SC060TWHB013


6.8mm HollowBlock 19

6.8mm HollowBlock 19" Loop

Model: SC068TWHB019


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