8 mm Tag Line


    8 mm Tag Lines are the largest diameter Sterling offers for a personal tagline but is still lighter than carrying a second rope and it's static nature gives you a line to jug up if needed without destroying your dynamic rope.

    Tag lines are not to be used for lead climbing. Tag lines should never be used in place of a dynamic rope, and caution should always be taken when rappelling with two different diameter ropes.

    Available Lengths: 215', 245' | 65, 75 m

    MBS Rating (lb) MBS Rating (kN)


    Weight (g/m)  
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8mmTAG Store

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8mm Tag Line Blue 65M

8mm Tag Line Blue 65M

Model: AN8006TL65


8mm Tag Line Yellow 75M

8mm Tag Line Yellow 75M

Model: AN8009TL75


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