8 mm Tag Line


    8 mm Tag Lines are the largest diameter Sterling offers for a personal tagline but is still lighter than carrying a second rope and it's static nature gives you a line to jug up if needed without destroying your dynamic rope.

    Tag lines are not to be used for lead climbing. Tag lines should never be used in place of a dynamic rope, and caution should always be taken when rappelling with two different diameter ropes.

    Available Lengths: 215', 245' | 65, 75 m

    MBS Rating (lb) MBS Rating (kN)


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Tagline review
"This tagline is fantastic! Super lightweight so when you're free climbing and you have it attached to the back of your harness you barely notice it. It's also really convenient to stuff in the bottom of the day pack to have incase of an emergency or bailing. This means you can lead big multipitches with a single rope, but still have the security of using double ropes (tag and lead line) to abseil or rappel if needed. When climbing like this and putting it in the pack, I haven't found the weight to be an issue; The small amount of weight for the large amount of security it gives is a no brainer. The tag is pretty thin, so it's definitely useful to have used and be familiar with tags previously. However if your rope management is good and you are organised on belays, there will be no problem with tangles. For me, this is definitely the tagline for security on those faster and lighter missions."

~ Pete Whittaker



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8mm Tag Line Blue 65M

8mm Tag Line Blue 65M

Model: AN8006TL65


8mm Tag Line Yellow 75M

8mm Tag Line Yellow 75M

Model: AN8009TL75


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