F4 Device Descent Device


    Designed to allow easy horizontal movement, a smooth sill transition and a controlled vertical descent. The auto-locking feature allows for a hands-free exit from the structure, while the slim profile integrates easily with turnout gear and keeps the F4 out of the way during regular operations. Versatile for right or left-handed users.

    NFPA 1983: Escape Descent Device

    Length (in) Width
    6.0 2.0
    MBS Rating (lb) Weight (oz)
    3,035 6.0
    MBS Rating (kN)  
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F4 Descent Device Black

F4 Descent Device Black

Model: HWF4B

$94.95 $84.95

F4 Descent Device Red

F4 Descent Device Red

Model: HWF4R


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