Pocket Hauler Kit


    Don’t be fooled by the Pocket Hauler’s compact appearance. With our low-stretch 8 mm Edge Restraint cord, this kit is ideal for light-duty rigging, tensioning lines and adjusting directionals, positioning, piggy back hauling systems or as a rescue system and can be set up as a 4:1 or 5:1.

    Weight (lb) System Components


      (2) SR Mini Double Pulleys
    MBS Rating (lb) 50' of 8 mm cord with sewn eye
    4,946 (2) Hawk™ Autolock Carabiners

    6 mm Sewn Ratchet Prusik

      8 mm Screwlink
      AZTEK Bag
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Pocket Hauler Kit

Pocket Hauler Kit



Pocket Hauler Kit w/ Bag

Pocket Hauler Kit w/ Bag



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