Stars and Stripes Velocity 9.8 mm XEROS Rope


    9.8 mm Single Dynamic Rope

    This rope supports our vets!

    All net proceeds from the sale of this special edition “Stars and Stripes” version of the Sterling Velocity 9.8mm XEROS will go to support Veterans Expeditions, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering veterans through outdoor training and leadership. This limited run of 100 is only available Memorial Day through Independence Day, or while supplies last.

    For a limited time, our best-selling Velocity 9.8mm XEROS comes in this patriotic Stars and Stripes pattern. Like the standard version, the Stars and Stripes Velocity is suited for both rock and ice and is lightweight, durable, long-lasting and easy to handle—a near-perfect balance of characteristics for a wide variety of climbing styles and conditions.

    A favorite among world-renowned athletes for working routes, the Velocity is a must-have for kitting out any crag pack.

    Available while supplies last!

    -Limited edition: Only 100 units will be sold
    -UIAA Dry certified built with Sterling XEROS technology
    -Made with bluesign® certified raw materials
    -Includes a middle mark
    -Available in 70 m only
    -UIAA 101 | EN 892
    -Net proceeds support Veterans Expeditions

    Diameter (mm) Dynamic Elongation (%)
    9.8 28.8
    Rope Type Static Elongation (%)
    Single 8.8
    Sheath (%) Impact Force (kN)
    35 8.6
    Weight (g/m) UIAA Falls
    62 6
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Velocity Stars and Stripes
VetEx Climb StarsStripes 1000x1000
Stars Stripes OnRock 1000x1000

Sterling Salutes our Vets:


Velocity 9.8 Flag XEROS 70m

Velocity 9.8 Flag XEROS 70m

Model: DV1RWBAX070


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