Pico Double Pulley


    Max Rope Diameter: 8.5 mm

    At 3.3 oz and roughly the size of a golf ball, the Pico Double Pulley is a whole lot of pulley in a compact shape. Featuring sealed ball bearings for the highest possible efficiency and prusik-minding capability for progress capture.

    Type Type
    Single Double
    MBS Rating (kN) MBS Rating (kN)
    30.0 20.0
    Weight (oz) Weight (oz)
    3.3 3.3
    Sheave MBS Rating (kN) Sheave MBS Rating (kN)
    7.5 10.0
    Sheave Construction Sheave Construction
    Aluminum Aluminum
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Pico Double Pulley:


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Pico Double Pulley

Pico Double Pulley



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