Bucket Evac Kit


    The Bucket Evac Kit is a compact, emergency egress system beneficial for utility personnel or arborists working alone in a lift. Designed to efficiently and safely reach the ground from an aerial lift, this kit is small and low-profile enough to be stored in the bucket. This kit features the intuitive F3,™ our small, lightweight descent control device that has an auto brake and anti-panic feature. When paired with the 6.8 mm TVac™ high tenacity Technora® fiber cord, this kit provides speedy evacuation when you need it most.

    Weight (lb) System Contents


      F3™ Descent Control Device
    MBS Rating (lb) ASD w/ Pin Carabiner
    3,147 75" of 6.8 mm TVac™ with sewn eye

    Double Action ANSI Steel Snaphook

      24" 11/16" Nylon Sling
      Weather-Resistant Storage Bag
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The Sterling Bucket Evac Kit


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Bucket Evacuation Bag

Bucket Evacuation Bag



Bucket Evacuation Kit

Bucket Evacuation Kit

Model: KTF3TVAC23B


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