Ultimate Positioning Lanyard


    Aramid Arbor Positioning Lanyard

    Core/Sheath: Nylon/Technora® & Spectra®

    Versatile innovation: the UP Lanyard is a true work positioning system for today’s arborist. This adjustable lanyard is applicable to many work situations and numerous connection options that allow for two-in-one positioning, one-handed operation of tending slack, “M” system configuration or single leg up of a bridge. We constructed this lanyard with the TriTech™ flipline, which has superb abrasion resistance, non-conductive properties, and features a unique nested construction of a Technora® cover over a Spectra® jacket around a nylon core.

    Available Lengths: 12’ and 16’

    MBS Rating (lb) Components


      TriTech Lanyard (12' or 16')
    MBS Rating (kN) 8 mm RIT Thimble Prusik
    24.0 8 mm RIT Eye-and-Eye

    Micro Pulley

      Osprey AL Carabiner
      8 mm RIT Bound Loop Prusik
      (2) Falcon Talon Autolock carabiner
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Ultimate Positioning Lanyard 12' Kit

Ultimate Positioning Lanyard 12' Kit

Model: KTUPLAN12


Ultimate Positioning Lanyard 16' Kit

Ultimate Positioning Lanyard 16' Kit

Model: KTUPLAN16


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