Fire Escape Kits and Systems

Sterling pioneered the development of escape systems that allow rapid egress and self-rescue. Our escape kits and systems are built on a foundation of our proven ropes. In 2004, Sterling built the first 100% Technora Fire Escape Rope for FDNY. We now offer many options and configurations to suit the needs of different departments with different call areas. Below is a list of our recommended setups, but if you need something customized to suit a unique set of requirements, please contact our sales team. We offer several versions of our Escape Systems and Kits, each based around one of our escape ropes. Systems or Kits can be configured to suit the department or firefighter’s requirements.

  • FCX Content
  • Introducing the New FCX

    The FCX is our newest and most advanced descent control device. It uses a unique cam feature that allows smooth modulation so the user can easily control the speed of descent with one hand and a click-to-neutral feature allows for easy horizontal movement.

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  • Mp Escape Kit customization
  • FCX Escape Systems: Unmatched Customization. Unparalleled Performance.

    Sterling FCX Fire Escape Systems are available in over 36 custom kit configurations and seven UL-certified Fire Escape Systems to suit the needs of various departments with different call areas. Certified to NFPA 1983. Made in the USA.

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