Raise and Rescue Elite Kit

    A pre-rigged mechanical advantage system designed for simple and efficient victim raising and multidirectional transfers.

    When paired with the PDQ2 escape system, the Raise and Rescue Elite makes for the lightest, most compact rescue package available. The mechanical progress capture feature allows for secure raising and simple operation, and the mesh sleeve surrounding the 6 mm cord prevents tangling during storage and deployment.

    Two wire anchor slings allow the rescuer to create an anchor around ladder supports or rails, or structural members, and the HollowBlock2 allows for rescue from fall protection lanyards or longer distance hauling with resets.

    Key Benefits
    • Preassembled haul kit, ready to use 

    • Progress capture feature allows for secure raising 

    • Simple and efficient system for raising a disabled worker from lanyards or cable grab 

    • Steel anchor slings allow user to create a secure anchor where needed

  • Kit Components:
    • Mini Haul System 

    • 2 Wire Slings

    • 19" HollowBlock2

    • 3 Osprey Autolock Carabiners
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Raise and Rescue Elite

Raise and Rescue Elite

Model: KTRNR2


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