GrabLine Water Rescue Kit


    This kit is a vital piece of safety equipment used to rescue a swimmer, a stranded civilian, or to even help unpin a boat. Includes 75 feet of 3/8" GrabLine that features a “tread-like” sheath pattern that gives both rescuer and victim extra gripping power while also providing buoyancy. The nylon core adds strength and keeps the rope flexible for throw bag storage and deployment. The bag features a mesh upper with a grommet on the bottom for increased drainage, reflective bands for increased visibility and a drawstring closure at the top for smooth payout during a throw, as well as easy opening, closing and reloading.

    GrabLine is UL Certified to NFPA 1983: Throwline
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Grabline Water Rescue Kit Store

Sterling Rescue Throwbag Grabline 75'

Sterling Rescue Throwbag Grabline 75'



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