Arbor Climbing Lines

Over the past few years, we’ve spent countless hours working with professional arborists to develop the best climbing lines possible. We’ve evaluated climbing styles, conditions and how ropes integrate with hardware and anchors. The result is a lineup of premium Arbor Climbing Ropes that offer reliability, ease-of-use and cover a wide variety of climbing styles such as Doubled Rope Technique (DdRT) and SRS (Stationary Rope Systems), also known as SRT (Single Rope Technique).

  • Mp SVD
  • Static vs. Dynamic Arbor Ropes

    A brief primer on static, dynamic and low-elongation ropes for arbor climbing and rigging.

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  • Mp Abrasion
  • Testing: Abrasion Resistance

    Our in-house test results show how various materials hold up to high abrasion scenarios.

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What is Limited Availability?

We are a US manufacturer and we keep a limited supply of select products in inventory. When your order is entered, our factory will check to see if we can ship right away or, if not, we’ll set to work to build your Sterling equipment to exacting standards. We appreciate your patience and we will contact you to confirm we’ve received your order and to let you know when it is expected to ship.

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