Escape Ropes

Unlike the rest of our products, we developed our Fire Escape Ropes with the hope that they never get used. But, if they are needed, it’s our job to make sure they work flawlessly without question. Most of our Fire Escape Ropes use high performing aramid yarns, such as Technora® in unique, small diameter constructions to achieve resistance to abrasion, chemicals and extreme heat. We have also assured that they can be stored compactly and handled easily if the need should arise. We hope you never have to use these products. But if you do, know that a split-second decision to deploy your rescue rope is backed up by countless hours of R&D, testing and US-made quality construction.

  • FCX Content
  • Introducing the New FCX

    The FCX is our newest and most advanced descent control device. It uses a unique cam feature that allows smooth modulation so the user can easily control the speed of descent with one hand and a click-to-neutral feature allows for easy horizontal movement.

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  • Mp Anchor Testing
  • Testing: Fire Escape Anchors

    Our award-winning testing procedure puts our escape hooks through the ultimate battery of testing.

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