RIT Response Search Rope


    9.0 mm Fire Search Rope

    Core/Sheath: Polyester/Twaron®

    The flexibility of this heat-resistant rope facilitates packing and deployment, while the diameter allows it to be located and handled with gloved hands in low visibility conditions.

    Available Lengths: 150', 200' | 46, 61 m

    Diameter (mm) MBS Rating (kN)
    9.0 31.0
    Weight (lb/100') Elongation at 300 lb (%)
    4.2 1.9
    MBS Rating (lb)
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RIT Response 9mm 150' (46M)

RIT Response 9mm 150' (46M)

Model: F090AP0046


RIT Response 9mm 200' (61M)

RIT Response 9mm 200' (61M)

Model: F090AP0061


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