Tech Series

After a quarter century of building the highest quality ropes and life safety products, Sterling static ropes have developed a reputation for quality, reliability and ease-of-use. But above all, our ropes are known for durability. Despite the inherent ruggedness of all of our static ropes, some work environments are so hazardous and so challenging, that they require something special. Enter our Tech Series: a line of static ropes that incorporate Technora®, an aramid fiber that is highly resistant to heat and cutting. We were the first to use Technora for life safety applications like fire ropes. It’s a material that we’ve become experts at engineering into ropes and one that allows Sterling Tech ropes to go where other ropes simply can’t.

  • Mp OpLux
  • The New OpLux Tactical Rope

    Our newest tactical rope is made from Technora® and Dyneema fibers for great strength in a compact package.

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  • Mp Abrasion
  • Testing: Abrasion Resistance

    Our in-house test results show how various materials hold up to high abrasion scenarios.

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