Mike Libecki

Sterling Athlete Mike Libecki

National Geographic Explorer and Speaker Mike Libecki travels to the most remote places on this Earth- oftentimes alone. 60 expeditions of experience around the world and counting: goal of 100 expeditions by 100 years old… Mike shares his passion for adventure with his daughter, whom he's taken on expeditions to all 7 continents. Featured in the 2016 Reel Rock 11 feature "Rad Dad", Mike shows just how passionate he is for climbing and adventure. As a Climber, Explorer, Soloist, Wilderness Athlete, Father, Photographer, Videographer, Author, he believes in the following:

"The time is now...What are you waiting for? No excuses."
"Dream big...And climb those dreams."
"After all, it is not only life, but the quality of this life."
"Death and/or old age is coming...We must live sweet."
"Why ration passion?"
"Embrace the Joyage!"