Sterling climber on mountain top

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Climber in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for the rock climber in your life?
Here are a few of our favorites.


New Scion 11.5mm CE

The perfect balance of control and efficiency making it ideal
for MRS and SRS climbing.

Rock climber on top of rocks with Kenya special edition rope

Tupande Pamoja
Let’s Climb Together

Introducing the new Limited Edition VR96 Kenya Edition.
Proceeds benefit Global Climbing Initiative to provide access to climbing globally.


The Courage to Try

An Italian drytooling adventure,
courtesy of Kevin Lindlau and Kara Vogler...

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XEROS Climbing Rope Review from Rob Pizem

We followed up with Sterling Athlete Rob Pizem, who has put more than 70,000 feet of climbing on his XEROS and it's still going! Read his in-depth review.

Sustainability: Upcycle & Recycle

Sterling operates with an incredible level of efficiency in regards to waste. Over 95% of the raw fiber that we purchase gets made into finished product rope. Everything else that does not make it into the final product gets either repurposed or recycled.

Rope Recycling Program

At Sterling, we are as passionate about preserving our outdoor spaces as we are to making the highest quality, life-safety rope in the world. To ensure what we do does nothing to harm those spaces, we’ve made minimizing what ends up in landfills a Sterling priority since Day One.


Introducing XEROS Technology

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