• Freedom To Focus

    Freedom To Focus

    No questions. Only flow.
    Watch our brand video celebrating the work and play that inspires, energizes and guides us.

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  • Now available in 11 mm and 12.5 mm

    Now available in 11 mm and 12.5 mm

    The Expanded WorkPro Series: climbing lines made for hard work.

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LP Climbing Lines

Arbor Climbing Lines: Durable, reliable and suitable for a wide variety of climbing styles.


LP Rigging Lines

Arbor Rigging Lines: For heavy rigging and hauling; optimized for the rigors of arbor job sites.


LP Cordage

Cordage: High-strength tools ranging from fliplines to hitch cords essential for tree climbers.


LP Kits and Systems

Arbor Kits & Systems: Mechanical advantage and rescue kits designed for arbor rigging and rescue.



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LP Freedom to focus

Freedom to Focus

Sterling designs products that enable pure focus.
That allows the task at hand - to be the only task at hand.
There are no questions. Only flow.
So be bold. Be courageous. And be safe.
Own the moment.
You have the Freedom To Focus.

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LP Knots, hitches and Do NOTS

Arbor Rigging: Knots, Hitches and Do Nots

Expand your list of go-to knots and hitches, and learn how to identify a good knot vs bad knot that's tied incorrectly.

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LP WorkPro Ropes for Arborists

WorkPro Video: Ropes for Arborists

Matt Hunt, Sterling Work Market Manager walks through the newest Sterling Rope Series, the WorkPro and its features and benefits.

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Partner Organizations


Tree Care Industry Association

A trade association of over 2,300 tree care firms and affiliates whose mission is to advance tree care businesses.


Fids and Fibers

Fids and Fibers

An arbor splicing workshop with a mission to promote rope tool safety through education.



International Society of Arboriculture

Promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees.


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