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Ranging from hardware, cordage, webbing and accessories, these products are made to exacting specifications to be compatible with our top-of-the line life safety ropes.

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  • 1" Mil-Spec Webbing

    1" Mil-Spec Webbing

    Military issue, mil-spec 1 inch webbing for many applications. Availab…

  • TriTech Flipline

    TriTech Flipline

    The TriTech Flipline is made from nylon, Technora® and Dyneema® materi…

  • HollowBlock2


    Our bestselling friction hitch and autoblock has been redesigned with …

  • BARC 2.0

    BARC 2.0

    We designed the BARC with full-strength individual loops, which provid…

  • 1" Flat Nylon Sling

    1" Flat Nylon Sling

    Sewn from high strength woven nylon, these flat slings offer almost tw…

  • 6 mm XTec

    6 mm XTec

    6 mm, 100% Technora® cord for highly hazardous work environments. Made…

  • 8 mm Flex Hitch Cord

    8 mm Flex Hitch Cord

    A friction hitch cord made of ultra strong and water-resistant polyest…

  • Falcon Carabiner

    Falcon Carabiner

    The Falcon is a compact, pear-shaped carabiner crafted from high stren…

  • Rabbit Runner

    Rabbit Runner

    Sewn webbing with sewn eyes on each end for specialty rigging applicat…

  • 6.8 mm TVac

    6.8 mm TVac

    6.8 mm TVac cord with a Technora® sheath and nylon cord. Lightweight, …

  • ZipLink


    ZipLinks are 3/4" webbing tethers for adventure and challenge courses.

  • 5.4 mm V-TX Cord

    5.4 mm V-TX Cord

    V-TX is a small, lightweight and low-stretch cord made from Dyneema® a…

  • Osprey Carabiner

    Osprey Carabiner

    Osprey is an oval-shaped carabiner made with a high-quality, durable a…

  • Tower Rescue Kit

    Tower Rescue Kit

    The Tower Rescue Kit provides a complete solution for rescue of an inc…

  • 10 mm Dyneema Sling

    10 mm Dyneema Sling

    Dyneema slings offer significant performance advantages over tradition…