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Matt Murphy – The Fire Inside

Matt Murphy's been a firefighter with FDNY for 16 years and he’s pretty well decorated, although he might not put it that way. He was awarded a Vincent J. Kane medal and the Brummer Medal in 2017 for rescues during two separate fires in the Bronx. Kevin talks to him about one of those fires, the work that goes into fighting fire and what drives him.

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To execute the task at hand confidently, pure focus is the most critical ingredient. Kevin Jorgeson sits down with climbers, arborists, work-at-height professionals and others as they share the stories behind their adventures.

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Past Episodes


Darren Jeffrey– American Ninja Warrior

Aired on October 26th, 2018

Darren Jeffrey moves through the world guided by an inner compass, as a big wall climber, canyoneering guide, wildland firefighter, concert pianist and philanthropist he is constantly reinventing himself. He founded Alpine Training Services in 1999 as an outdoor adventure company and, due in part to his knack for seeing opportunity in what’s in front of him, evolved the business to become one of L.A.'s premiere entertainment and production forces working on sets for shows like American Ninja Warrior and The Amazing Race

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Jim Ewing & Mo BeckClimbing the Unclimbables Part 2

Aired on September 25th, 2018

Part 2 of a 2 part story. Jim and Mo tell their story of their attempt at the first unassisted adaptive climb of the Lotus Flower Tower in Canada’s Cirque of the Unclimbables.

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Josh Morris – Thai Soccer Team Rescue

Aired on August 27th, 2018

The amazing story that captured the world - 12 young Thai soccer players and their coach trapped in a flooded cave with no food, diminishing oxygen and no way out - a rescue of Hollywood proportions. Josh Morris was not only on site but instrumental in the rescue operation. He talks with Kevin Jorgeson about his role as the lead international coordinator working between the international teams and the different branches of Thai government and military in the chief rescue operations command center.

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Jim Ewing & Mo Beck – Climbing the Unclimbables Part 1

Aired on July 28th, 2018

Jim and Mo have a few things in common; they are both from Maine, climb hard, and are missing a limb. Strangers who met last December, the duo have partnered up to attempt the first unassisted adaptive climb of the Lotus Flower Tower in Canada’s Cirque of the Unclimbables. From Jim’s 60+ foot fall that resulted in the amputation of his foot, to Mo’s life of growing up without her left hand, their unique stories are the reason they met and decided to attempt this climb together. Check out their story and stay tuned for the Expedition Episode releasing in late September.

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Kareemah Batts – Defying the Odds

Aired on June 26th, 2018

In her late twenties, Kareemah Batts was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, a super rare cancer that strikes young adults. Rather than endure multiple surgeries to battle the illness, Kareemah opted for amputation of her left leg below the knee. In her recovery, the New York City native discovered a passion for climbing and uncovered a penchant for defying the odds. As founder of the Adaptive Climbing Group, she has provided inspirational pathways for fellow amputees and adaptive climbers to discover the sport and has worked tirelessly to help redefine athleticism in the climbing culture.

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Anthony Ambrose – Climbing Giants

Aired on May 28th, 2018

Anthony Ambrose is an ecologist and climber who loves exploring wild places. His research utilizes advanced rope-based climbing techniques in order to directly study how coastal redwoods and giant sequoias interact with their environment, respond to climate change, and how science can be used to help conserve forest ecosystems into the future.

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Rachel Brudzinski – Return to the Canopy

Aired on April 24th, 2018

Arborist Rachel Brudzinski suffered a traumatic back injury at the young age of 22 after her partner cut her from her rope in a rescue attempt. Facing next to zero options she agreed to a high-risk surgery and a 1% chance of being able to climb trees again. She trained like an Olympian, made an incredible recovery and went back to work to set up a training program for arborists in the New York City Parks Forestry Department to ensure accidents like hers wouldn't happen again.

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Angela Hawse – The Heart of a Guide

Aired on March 27th, 2018

Legendary climber, Angela Hawse was asked to be the Deputy Leader of the first Adaptive Climb of Everest in 1998 by Tom Whittaker. She willfully accepted the position and played a key role in the success of Tom’s journey to the summit. She’ll tell the story of overcoming her own personal challenges by way of a summit bid, just 275 ft short of Everest’s evasive peak.

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Kevin Jorgeson

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Kevin has been climbing his whole life. It started with trees, fences, cupboards, anything he could get his little hands on. He turned to rock climbing at 10 when he went to his local gym's grand opening. Now, he and Tommy Caldwell are known for completing what is known as the world's hardest climb - The Dawn Wall on El Capitan. Kevin continues to climb, speak and contribute to charities internationally.

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