Pico Crevasse Rescue Kit


    This little kit packs a big punch. Designed for glacier travel, this 4:1 pulley system allows for quick self-rescue or rescue of another person in the event of a fall into a crevasse. The Pico Double Pulleys weigh only 3.3 oz. each and are rated for 30kN. When mated with our 6mm TRC cord and unique 5mm TRC Prusik, this kit provides a super compact mechanical advantage setup.

    Weight (lb) Pico Crevasse Kit Components


      15.5 m (50') 6 mm TRC Cord
    MBS Rating (2) Pico Double Pulleys
    16.0 (2) Osprey Oval Screwlock Carabiners

    48" 10 mm Dyneema Sling

      6.8 mm HollowBlock
      10" 5 mm TRC Prusik
      Pico Bag (not pictured)
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Pico Rescue Kit:


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Pico Crevasse Rescue Kit

Pico Crevasse Rescue Kit



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