We design and manufacture world-class rope, cord, hardware and systems to meet the needs of arborists, rope access technicians, special ops units, rescue teams, first responders and professionals. Made in the USA.

Research and Testing

Aramid Fiber Testing for the AZTEK Elite HD

We sought to improve the performance of the popular AZTEK ELITE through utilizing and testing different Aramid ropes for the mechanical advantage system. Here’s what we found out.

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  • Element 12.8 mm

    Element 12.8 mm

    A classic 16-strand arbor line designed for climbing or light rigging.…

  • HollowBlock2


    Our bestselling friction hitch and autoblock has been redesigned with …

  • 1" Flat Nylon Sling

    1" Flat Nylon Sling

    Sewn from high strength woven nylon, these flat slings offer almost tw…

  • 8 mm Flex Hitch Cord

    8 mm Flex Hitch Cord

    A friction hitch cord made of ultra strong and water-resistant polyest…

  • Tech125


    Tech125 is an 12.5 mm Technora® and nylon rope for climbing, rigging a…

  • OpLux


    OpLux is an all-purpose tactical rope that features high-strength, cut…

  • Tech11


    Tech11 is an 11 mm multi-purpose Technora® and nylon rope for arbor cl…

  • Falcon Carabiner

    Falcon Carabiner

    The Falcon is a compact, pear-shaped carabiner crafted from high stren…

  • Rabbit Runner

    Rabbit Runner

    Sewn webbing with sewn eyes on each end for specialty rigging applicat…

  • Osprey Carabiner

    Osprey Carabiner

    Osprey is an oval-shaped carabiner made with a high-quality, durable a…

  • 10 mm Dyneema Sling

    10 mm Dyneema Sling

    Dyneema slings offer significant performance advantages over tradition…

  • RIT 900 Search Rope

    RIT 900 Search Rope

    A fire search rope made from Twaron® fibers that can withstand tempera…