New Products: CanyonLux Rope and Blitz Canyon Bag

The new CanyonLux rope and Blitz Bag cleverly deliver what advanced canyoneers have been asking for: light, rugged and packable gear that thrives in rough, wet, obstacle-ridden canyon environments. When used together, this rugged bag and rope combination allows canyoneers to be quick and nimble in challenging canyon environments.




The CanyonLux offers the following:

  • 8 mm diameter that is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Constructed with a blended Technora®/polyester sheath for visibility and abrasion and weather resistance
  • A revolutionary dual core comprised of Spectra® and polypropylene to reduce sheath slippage and add strength

The CanyonLux comes in blue or neon green and is offered in 100, 150, 200, 300 and 660-foot lengths. 




Blitz Canyon Bag


The Blitz Bag features include:

  • Constructed with buoyant and ultra-durable materials for the toughest canyoneering expeditions
  • Stand-up and stay-open feature allows for easy packing
  • Holds up to 250’ of 9.5 mm canyon rope




Sterling Rope